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Monthly Archives: February 2021

  1. Simplify Colour Contrasting of Jewellery to your Outfits with these Rules

    Colour Contrasting is one of the new trends that has become a favourite for many, especially with ethnic jewellery. Matching your outfits with the same old gold jewellery is no longer the norm. Yes, you can breathe a sigh of relief, oh, the brides too! Today, we have a diverse range of jewellery available in a plethora of colours that suit your outfits just right. All it takes is to have the artistic lens to contrast your jewellery and nail your overall appearance. However, it can get a little daunting considering that not everyone might have a knack of it. 

    Here are a few rules that’ll ease your plight and simplify Colour Contrasting of Jewellery to your outfits:

    1. Amplify your Neutral Outfit with Bright Jewellery
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  2. Advantages of Imitation Jewellery that would make Women to Opt for it even more

    Jewellery is an extremely intimate piece of fashion that adds on to women's personality and aids in expressing themselves better. The absence of it results in an incomplete canvas that lacks the lustre and charm a piece of jewellery holds. However, not all jewellery options are apt to style as per an individual's preference which makes it difficult to lay hands on the most suitable jewellery. One of the best forms of jewellery that has over the years gained momentum due to its countless benefits is imitation jewellery. Available in a plethora of ethnic and western designs, imitation jewellery helps an individual to celebrate the latest trends and stay in vogue without being too heavy on the pocket. 
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  3. Make the Most of your Old Ethnic Jewellery by giving them a twist

    Jewellery is an essential piece of investment that one can adorn for a long period of time. Getting hands on one of the best pieces is like a once in a lifetime opportunity which done right can last you for several occasions. But, at a certain point, there is an end to everything and this is applicable to the charm of your jewellery too! However, there are certain pieces that you can just never give upon. 


    With a little imagination and creativity, you can breathe life into your old jewellery allowing them and yourself a fresh new look and appeal. You can restore the elegance of your favorite pieces of ethnic jewellery by giving them an enhanced appearance and changing them into completely new pieces. This allows you to get all artsy and saves

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