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Monthly Archives: March 2023

  1. Enchanting Jewelry Pieces for You To Flaunt This Gudi Padwa

    New Year's Day in Maharashtra, also known as Gudi Padwa, falls when the month of Chaitra begins. During this celebration, rituals focus on language and food, and an appeal is made for prosperity. The Gudi is traditionally decorated with sarees, garlands, and a silver pot inverted to represent a flag that is hoisted outside the homes of those celebrating. In addition, Gudi Padwa jewelry plays an important role in the celebration of the day, which follows various rituals and customs. Jewelry pieces like chandbali earrings, kundan necklaces,and many more are worn during the festival as a symbol of wealth, prosperity, and good fortune. On this auspicious day, people also gift beautiful jewelry to their loved ones.  

    Wearing jewelry is

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  2. Look at Alia Bhatt's Piscean Earings & Jewellery Choices

    Being a Pisces means having a truly unique  set of both qualities and challenges. A Piscean’s admirable intuition and capacity for empathy is one of the main things that makes them such a distinct zodiac type. With such a special type of personality, one deserves to be adorned in jewellery that is just as unique. Whether you are a Piscean or belong to any other zodiac, you must indulge in online jewellery shopping only from a trusted retailer’s website. 


    But one of our favourite members of the Pisces family is Alia Bhatt. And what’s not to love? Time to explore some of Alia Bhatt’s classiest jewellery looks, and why they are the perfect Pisces style.


    A Look at Alia Bhatt’s Sophisticated Taste in Jewellery

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