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  1. The Perfect Jewellery Options for Your Eid-Ul-Adha Dress

    Eid-Ul-Adha is an auspicious event that brings together families, friends, and prospers love between them. One of the things that make Eid an awaited event is the lovely outfits that are adorned with dazzling jewellery on this special day. If you’ve already picked your dress, but need some jewellery inspiration, continue reading!


    Here are some jewellery options that you could wear with your Eid-Ul-Adha dress:


    1.Kundan Jewellery


    Kundan jewellery is one of the oldest forms of jewellery in India and it has been passed down from generation to generation. This meticulously designed jewellery could be a beautiful and royal addition to your outfit this Eid. You could pair it with a traditional or e

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  2. Tips to Select Earrings as Per Your Hair Type

    A versatile piece of exquisiteness, earrings are a ‘must have’ accessory that every woman possesses. And why wouldn’t they, it is the perfect accessory to amp up any look and style. While purchasing or adorning a beautiful piece of earrings, there are many things that people consider such as clothes, colour, size and even the face shape. However, the one thing that often people miss is the hair type. 


    Yes, you heard it right, the hair type! Your hair colour, type, style and more are some interesting factors that can help you select the best pair of statement earrings. Furthermore, it can simplify your confusion considering the array of options available these days. You just need to know the basics!


    Here are two major factors related to your hair that greatly determines the type of earrings you should opt for:


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  3. Artificial or Gold Jewellery? Which one is best for D-Day?

    For an auspicious day, especially a wedding, gold jewellery has been one of the basic requirements. For many, the dazzle of gold completes the entire look and makes it memorable.  But nowadays, a new trend is making its way into the world of ornaments and that is Artificial Jewellery. The enchanting alternative, Artificial jewellery is gaining popularity day by day. However, with wanting to wear versatile designs like kundan jewellery, and the prices of gold touching new heights, brides are finding it difficult to choose between the two for the big day.

    Here are a few things to consider that'll help to ease your plight:

    1. Your Budget

    Spending money on a wedding is inevitable,

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  4. 6 Trendy Necklaces That You Just Can't Go Wrong With

    Jewellery has been a part of mankind for time immemorial. Ancient people used to make jewellery with whatever was available like feathers, shells, pebbles, etc. With the evolution of mankind, jewellery has now evolved into a status symbol and an essential element of fashion. Necklaces are one such piece of jewellery that everyone likes to own and wear. But with so many options available it is often confusing to decide what to buy or wear that accompanies one’s clothing and personality. Here is a list of 6 trendy necklaces that you just can’t go wrong with:



    • Choker necklaces



    One of the most iconic styles from the 90’s has made a comeback now.  Although choke

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  5. Quirky 7 DIY Hacks to Organise Earrings for Women in Style

    Earrings are one of the most fun and versatile pieces of jewellery one can own. They are also easily available in wide varieties along with other fashion accessories online In India. Stud earrings, clusters, drops, dangles, hoops, and there are a lot more styles that earrings come in.  Pairing up the right earring with your outfit can add glam to your appearance without any effort. But storing your earrings in the right way can be an extremely tedious task. Here are a few DIY hacks that can ease up your task a little:      



    • DIY Stud Earring holder 



    This DIY holder is one of the easiest and most amazing

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  6. 7 Types of Bracelets for Women That Are Perfect for Gifting

    One of the popular and most loved accessories by women, bracelets are quite versatile. It not only adds a style statement but also enhances any look. You will get different options like charm bracelets, beaded bracelets, cuffs, etc. Also, bracelets for women are available in different colors, styles, and sizes, which makes them a must-have accessory for every occasion. 

    Here are seven different bracelets for women that are perfect for gifting.

    1. Affirmation bracelets

    This kind of bracelet works perfectly for anyone since the design comes with an embedded phrase on it. Since it comes with a personalized message, anyone can keep it close to their

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  7. Selecting and Styling Jhumka Earrings Made Easy

    Beautiful and gorgeous jhumkas are a must-have for every woman. Apart from being versatile, jhumka matches perfectly with every face shape since it defines and enhances your features beautifully. Jhumka earrings are stunning pieces of jewellery that allow you to make a statement effortlessly. Due to this reason, it is a favorite accessory for almost every woman. Be it for your wedding day or attending an office party, jhumkas are a lifesaver. 

    Here are some of the ways by which you can select and style jhumkas with ease:

    1. Invest in varied jhumka earrings

    Jhumka is one of the hyped jewelries that women go gaga over. You will get countless options when it

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  8. Wear Kundan Set the right way with these Tips

    Ethnic Kundan Jewellery is the ideal blend of elegance, beauty and fashion. Perfect for every occasion, a Kundan set with its charm surpasses the conventional and ensures to deliver a mesmerising look. Having royal roots, Kundan jewellery enhances your appearance and adds royalty to it with ease. Over the years, the ever-changing trends have given birth to some exceptional Kundan jewellery. The exquisite designs, intricate work and unmatched beauty make Kundan one of the oldest and coveted pieces of Jewellery that are loved by generations.

    However, the expansive collection available today can get intimidating and difficult to style.


    Here are a few tips that will help you to style Kundan set the Right way:


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  9. Tricks to Master the art of layering ethnic necklaces

    A piece of jewellery is not just an ornament but an emotion. No matter how long it has been with you, it will never lose its charm. However, sometimes a piece of jewellery requires a change. One of the best ways to breathe life into jewellery and give it a new look is to layer them up. Layering jewellery is the current fashion trend and the easiest piece that you can begin with is necklaces. Experimenting with trendy necklaces will give birth to some personalised and chic looks curated by you. However, this experimentation is not just limited to your western neckpieces. You can play with your ethnic necklaces and create some striking appearances too. 


    Here are a few tips and trips to layer ethnic necklaces with sheer style and elegance:

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  10. Stud Earrings: A Must-Have Fashion Item

    A timeless piece of elegance, stud earrings have always been a women’s best friend and a fashion essential. With its irresistible charm and elegance, it has managed to capture the hearts of many irrespective of their age. Despite being small and dainty, stud earrings have a huge impact on your appearance. The simplicity and sophistication that it offers make it easy to pair it with any of your outfits. 

    Whether you are fond of jewellery or not, stud earrings for women are a power-packed jewellery item that would unquestionably make it to your collection. It is a go-to fashion accessory for many women that wish to make a subtle yet striking appearance. From dinner dates to job interviews, stud earrings are the ultimate jewellery pieces that you can r

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