Keep steering clear from cheesy, cliche and predictable gifts by sparkling your love with the right piece of jewelry on your loved one this valentine’s day. Jewelry is every woman’s first love and it helps in making a great gesture that would portray your affection for her. From heart motifs to precious stones, you have ample choices to “jewel up” your mood this valentine’s day. You can easily find these pieces of designer jewelry online that might convey your “I Love You” to your loved ones on your behalf. 





Charm bracelets make for a great valentine’s gift. This is because they can be customised to match the taste of your loved ones or to portray something special. You can add sunshine charms, initial charms, symbol charms, stones and more to a charm bracelet that can bring a smile to your valentine’s face. You can even add a date as charms that mark a special day for you two. It can be a gift that your loved one’s save and keep as a memory of your beautiful love story. 



  • Rings



Rings are said to be a “jewelry for the heart”. They are worn in the finger, the veins of which directly connect to the heart. Gifting a ring to your special one is counted amongst the most beautiful gestures of love. They are available in a variety of choices. Solid bands are great if your partner is an adorer of minimalism. You can go for matching couple bands to add some extra romance. Stone rings also make for a classic choice, they look extremely gorgeous and eye-pleasing. If you wish to add a little more colour, you can go for rings embedded with different colour stones, a ruby would make a great choice for it signifies the colour of love- Red. 


  • Pendants and Necklaces



Pendants and necklaces along with being a fashion essential are beautiful pieces of jewelry that can help portray love too. Matching the tastes of your loved ones, you can choose a neckpiece that you would like to gift. Go for a dainty pendant if your loved one loves to move around with simplicity,  you can opt for a long-chain necklace or choker if they like to glam up quite often.



  • Earrings



Earrings are that one piece of jewelry all women love. Hence, they would be an appropriate gift for the women in your life. From studs to tassel earrings, you have many options to select from. You can go for danglers and hoops if you wish to gift something western and opt for Kundan earrings or any other ethnic jewelry if you wish to give something traditional.


Jewelry is loved by women all around the globe. It makes them feel special, wanted and loved. Be it a simple ring or a dreamy necklace, all jewelry is dear to a woman. It is one of those gifts that a woman would surely use and flaunt around. Gifts are given to portray your affection towards someone therefore they must be chosen wisely.