Whether you are decking up for parties, weddings, festivities, or casual outings, your outfit is never complete without the right accessories that jazz up your entire look. These days, there is a wide variety of designer jewelry online which can instantly add a touch of glamour to even the most basic ensemble. Necklaces and earrings are two jewelry items that have always gone hand-in-hand. They both are essential pieces of accessory that enhances the overall appearance subtly and elegantly, 


Below are four tips to help you match your necklace and earrings in a smart way:


  • Combine Bold with Subtle


One of the most iconic pieces of jewelry, statement earrings are eternally in vogue. They hardly ever disappoint and always enhance the appearance of the adorner. They make a unique statement that takes your style quotient a notch higher. To balance the boldness of statement earrings, coupling them up with a dainty necklace is an excellent choice. The subtleness of the necklace design brings out the exquisiteness of the earrings and gives you a picture-perfect look.


  • Contrasting Shapes and Sizes


Wearing necklaces and earrings of the same shapes is a rather boring way of matching the two jewelry accessories. Instead, you can play mix and match with earrings and necklaces in contrasting shapes and sizes. For example, you can wear circular hoop earrings and pair them with a rhombus-shaped pendant for a stunning effect. Likewise, you can wear a necklace with a triangular pendant and couple them up with square-shaped earrings. There are infinite ways of styling, so go ahead and have fun experimenting!


  • Matching Colour with Sparkle


The classic pairing of colour and sparkle while matching earrings and necklaces make for an alluring vision. All you need to do is select a brightly coloured gemstone necklace and then complement it with a pair of sparkling earrings for a look that makes you shine brighter than the stars. Alternatively, you can pair a sparkling necklace with colourful earrings to create a fun combination. The contrast in colours strikes a perfect balance. Imitation earrings in diamonds or pearls can go perfectly well with a sparkly necklace.


  • Colour-Coordinated Matching


To create a cohesive look, you can sport a necklace and earrings having the same colour combination. It is one of the safest methods of styling that one can think of during times of confusion. However, if you have a wild sense of fashion and have the willingness to experiment, you can also complement your necklace and earrings in different colours. But while you do that, make sure that the distinct colours are in sync with one another. For example, you can pair black earrings with a white necklace, or silver earrings with a gold necklace and so on.


These were some of the useful tips that you can incorporate when trying to match your necklace to your earrings. A mismatched combination between them can create a major fashion faux pas. There are tons of design options in artificial jewelry online that you can choose from. Choose the right combination of accessories to transform your attires.