Every bride dreams of a fairytale wedding. Be it her lehenga or her jewellery, on her D-Day she just wants every minute detail to be addressed. After all, it’s a once in a lifetime event and a memory to cherish forever.

When it comes to jewellery selection for the wedding season, every bride wants to opt for a jewellery piece that is a perfect balance between elegance and sophistication. So, if you too are someone with no idea about what to get for your wedding trousseau, here we have listed down some of the most exemplary necklace pieces for the bride-to-be to adorn on her wedding day.

Diamond Necklace

Modern yet elegant, a remarkable diamond necklace emblemised with brilliant cut diamonds in an intricate design pattern is a must-have for all the modern-day brides-to-be. It is as well an ideal necklace piece to adorn for your pre-wedding ceremonies. You can probably team them with a matching pair of dangle earrings to complete the contemporary look of a modern-day bride.

Meenakari Necklace

When it comes to an Indian wedding, we always prefer to go for something that is traditional yet modish top adorn. And a magnificent bridal meenakari necklace is just the right piece to bring back nostalgic charm this wedding season. Traditional meenakari necklace designs in hues of red and green are some the classic pieces to settle for, this wedding season. Team it up with some matching meenakari earrings to enhance your bridal girl look.

Traditional Temple Necklace

Traditional temple necklace is something that is hugely adorned in South Indian. The necklace designs for that of a temple necklace are mainly inspired by the ornaments used by the gods and goddesses of the Chola dynasty, and thus the name – Temple Necklaces. These necklaces with intricate traditional motif designs of clear-cut diamonds, with either rubies or emeralds, embedded in pure gold, make them an opium choice to adorn along with traditional sarees. Pair these spectacular necklace pieces with traditional jhumka earrings and relish the spotlight like a monarchical queen.

Kundan Necklace

Kundan necklaces are some royal masterpieces to add into your jewellery collection for this wedding season. To add some poise to your bridal look you can adorn some vintage Kundan necklaces embossed with intricate uncut diamonds, rubies, and emeralds. Kundan necklaces in traditional designs are as well a great choice to immediately add an ancient Indian vibe to your ensemble.

Filigree Necklace

Filigree necklaces with elegant and elaborate designs are timeless pieces to add to any bride’s jewellery collection. What makes these necklace designs outstanding is the intricate design made of the twisted gold plated wires, embossed with either rubies or emeralds. You can easily pair such stunning necklace pieces to your traditional ensemble and team it up with some stunning filigree gold jhumkas to complete the look.

You can as well opt for online jewellery shopping to get your desired jewellery set delivered at your doorstep. Just be sure to opt for a set that accentuates your features and complements your bridal attire.