It’s your best friend’s wedding in a week and you haven’t planned out your outfit yet? Favourite cousin’s engagement is tomorrow and yet haven’t decided on what Kundan earrings to pair with your outfit? Not to worry, this is what usually happens in every girl’s life when it comes to be preparing for the wedding season. When girl wants to look stunning and make every guys eye turn when she passes by them.

But if you are someone who isn’t yet quite prepared for the wedding season, here are 5 handy tips that’ll help you achieve your desired look this wedding season.

Prepare yourself before the wedding

Yeah! You heard me right. Not only does the bride need to prepare herself before the wedding, you do too. Would you like to see yourself tanned or with a tired face in all those wedding pictures? No right! So just make sure you start taking care of yourself at least 2 weeks prior to your best friend’s wedding. Drink ample of water and protect yourself from the harmful sun. Also try and get enough sleep so you don’t end up with dark eyes during the wedding.

Get in shape

Well you don’t have to cut down on food or something, or go on a hardcore workout if you don’t wish to, but a little exercise and eating healthy for few days will only add to your benefit. With our busy schedule we all tend to fall behind in maintaining our shape. It’s best that we take a little time out to get in shape before the wedding. After all, would like to see your stomach bulging out of your lehenga, or you not fitting into your blouse just because of those few extra inches.

A minimalistic yet elegant clothing choice is the key!

Picking out clothes could be the most difficult task during wedding season. But when you choose your clothing to be minimalistic yet elegant you definitely cannot go wrong. Make sure you pair your outfit with heavy ethnic kundan jewellery pieces to nail the look. Another piece of advice would be that to choose the designer lehenga cholis over the traditional sarees!

Let your jewellery be the centre of attraction

We often tend to see that people are way too concerned about their dresses and then complete neglect the jewellery they’ll be paring to their outfits. This whole idea of not giving any importance to your jewellery pieces will just kill your entire look. Make sure you spend time on choosing the right pieces for your outfit. You can even check out for some ethnic kundan jewellery online as these are the most versatile pieces to pair with any outfit.

Your footwear matters too!

Many of us don’t give much thought on what footwear we must wear with our wedding outfit and often end up just wearing something really uncomfortable. Heels are the best option and will look the most appropriate with your wedding outfits, but do not hesitate to avoid them if you aren’t feeling comfortable. Wedding includes dancing, standing for long hours, posing for pictures and what not. All these things done in an uncomfortable shoe can tire your feet. Instead go for the friendly wedges.

Keeping in mind all these simple tricks will let you steal the show and you can nail any look effectively. Go ahead and let us know how wonderfully these tricks worked for you!