Indian weddings have always been a larger than life celebration with brides flaunting their best bridal looks. Buying a bridal lehenga is always on the top of every bride’s shopping list. Though shopping for bridal jewellery might have not been on the top priority list of a bride, it shouldn’t be the last one either. The jewellery you choose to wear on your wedding may make or break your gorgeous lehenga into a beautiful or bizarre look respectively. Perfect bridal jewellery gives an amazing effect to a bride, making her dream to look like a princess come true.

To make sure that you have no regrets later and pick the best for yourself, here are some 5 important things to keep in mind before buying your bridal jewellery:

1. Decide your outfit

It is important to choose your wedding outfit first and finalize what outfit you are going to wear on events that’ll take place. Once you have your perfect wedding outfit, it becomes easier to pick out jewellery that matches it. If your bridal wear is in a pastel tone, you can go for ethnic kundan jewellery.

2. Fix the budget

Bridal jewellery has always had that traditional yet royal look when it comes to designs. And as the rates of these timeless jewellery pieces are increasing every year, it is extremely important to set a budget. Once the budget is fixed you can start exploring with different styles like kundan jewellery set, diamond, or gold traditional jewellery.

3. Shop for a style statement

Beautiful traditional designs are the best to give you a royal look at your wedding. Wearing style statement jewellery is a dream of every bride. Remember actor Aishwarya Rai wearing ornate kundan gold jewellery at her wedding in the movie Jodhaa Akbar? We have even seen Deepika Padukone wearing kundan jewellery sets in her royal look in Padmaavat.

4. Opt for evergreen designs

It is important for a bride to wear complementing jewellery to stand out from others at the wedding. As we all know, earrings and a bridal necklace complement each other very well. While jewellery shopping, stick to ethnic kundan jewellery like the evergreen kundan earrings or a chandbali earrings as these are a good investment for future too.

5. Go versatile

If you like experimenting, go for something unique and offbeat like handmade kundan jewellery. A tip to remember is to pick your jewellery wisely; something that not only goes well with the outfit but also your personality.Handmade kundan jewelleryalways has a higher resale value, making it one of the best options for elegant and fine bridal jewellery.

No matter how beautiful the lehenga is, an Indian bride is incomplete without jewellery. You must keep in mind that even though every piece is unique, you must try every design available in the showroom because what suits other bride may or may not suit you. Hope the things mentioned above will reduce some stress and help you to shop your perfect jewellery with confidence.