Being a Pisces means having a truly unique  set of both qualities and challenges. A Piscean’s admirable intuition and capacity for empathy is one of the main things that makes them such a distinct zodiac type. With such a special type of personality, one deserves to be adorned in jewellery that is just as unique. Whether you are a Piscean or belong to any other zodiac, you must indulge in online jewellery shopping only from a trusted retailer’s website. 


But one of our favourite members of the Pisces family is Alia Bhatt. And what’s not to love? Time to explore some of Alia Bhatt’s classiest jewellery looks, and why they are the perfect Pisces style.


A Look at Alia Bhatt’s Sophisticated Taste in Jewellery

  • Chandbali Earrings


We’ve seen Alia put on a pair of Chandbali earrings on a number of occasions. Chandbali are a very popular choice of earrings, and for a variety of reasons. A beautiful set of Chandbalis can effortlessly improve your appearance and give your ethnic clothing a hint of vintage splendour. Chandbalis are extremely adaptable, wearable, and a celebratory favourite because they go with the majority of Indian traditional attire, colours, and occasions. It is a style of jewellery that is bound to always make an impression as its ageless yet traditional. Amongst the most spiritual signs of the zodiac is the Pisces, and a piece that pays homage to the moon and night is bound to look good.

  • Meenakari Jewellery


Meenakari jewellery sets make for some of the most beautiful jewellery styles in Indian culture, which Alia has proudly flaunted during certain functions. Persian design skills are heavily incorporated into the various looks of Meenakari jewellery styles, which are expertly crafted with utmost care. When combined with strong hues like green and blue, copper is a prominent colour that is used to embellish the jewellery sets. Just like Alia, these pieces are a must-have in every woman’s collection because of their complex craftsmanship and vibrant colour. These jewellery sets are the most stylish traditional pieces you could possibly showcase at your next ethnic event and are ideal for wearing on any occasion. You can buy high-quality artificial kundan jewellery sets online at the best prices from trusted websites.

  • Jadau Jewellery


Jadau jewellery is arguably one of the most ancient methods of creating jewellery and has a fascinating past. It demands a special level of mastery, which naturally makes it incredibly alluring. The traditional style is produced without the use of any machinery, which entails a much longer amount of time to make it. This, in turn, also boosts the kind of impression it makes when you rock up to an event adorned in Jadau jewellery, just how Alia has. Many consider vintage styles to be highly suitable for Pisces women like Alia, and a style which embodies a rich culture and a traditional craftsmanship would pull it off perfectly.

While Alia has done well to pull a number of different jewellery sets off, it is important to try finding your own look. The above mentioned looks are not only incredibly timeless and classy, but they are also super versatile which gives you plenty of room to work with in terms of your overall ensemble. These styles are simply the tip of the iceberg of the kinds of styles for you to try out for whatever event it is you’re dressing for. Nowadays, you can easily buy jewellery sets and earrings for women online.