Jewellery is an essential piece of investment that one can adorn for a long period of time. Getting hands on one of the best pieces is like a once in a lifetime opportunity which done right can last you for several occasions. But, at a certain point, there is an end to everything and this is applicable to the charm of your jewellery too! However, there are certain pieces that you can just never give upon. 


With a little imagination and creativity, you can breathe life into your old jewellery allowing them and yourself a fresh new look and appeal. You can restore the elegance of your favorite pieces of ethnic jewellery by giving them an enhanced appearance and changing them into completely new pieces. This allows you to get all artsy and saves you from bearing a hole in the pocket too! But the main question that lies here is, How?


Here’s how you can make most of your old ethnic jewellery:


  1. Earrings as a decorative embellishment


Large embellished ethnic earrings have a splendid appeal to them that grabs attention instantly. However, when broken, not much can be done with it! Right? Wrong! These pieces of beauty can act as an excellent statement piece for your couture. You can use them as an alternative to your buttons that instantly amps up a boring piece of outfit into a splendid one. If not the entire piece, the studs of the earrings can beautifully be placed on collars in the form of a bow or in a pair giving the outfit a festive charm.


  1. Wrap the choker like you mean it


Chokers are one of the finest and trending pieces of jewellery that exhibit royalty and elegance in a glance. And it would be a complete shame to let its charm go in vain! Ethnic chokers are usually available in mesmerizing designs that can be used for several purposes like- set of bangles, bracelets or belts. You can wrap a splendid choker around your wrist with the help of transparent elastic that can give the appearance of stacked bangles or you can just let them loose turning your chokers into a bracelet. By sticking a chunky choker on a belt, you can avail a masterpiece that you can tie around traditional attires that not only accentuates your waist but also your outfit.


  1. Change the Studs instead of the Jewellery


Bored with your existing jewellery? We get it! Get a new look by changing the studs of your jewellery instead of opting for a new one. If the piece is damaged and not worth saving, you can re-use the gemstones and curate customized jewellery like appealing gemstone earrings as per your style and requirement. 


  1. Use it as a Hair accessory 


Old ethnic jewellery like necklaces or earrings can be effectively used as a hair accessory for traditional or festive occasions giving your hair the premium look without much hassle.

With multiple options at your disposal, put your creative hats on and get all artistic with your old ethnic jewellery set today.