Earrings are one of the most fun and versatile pieces of jewellery one can own. They are also easily available in wide varieties along with other fashion accessories online In India. Stud earrings, clusters, drops, dangles, hoops, and there are a lot more styles that earrings come in.  Pairing up the right earring with your outfit can add glam to your appearance without any effort. But storing your earrings in the right way can be an extremely tedious task. Here are a few DIY hacks that can ease up your task a little:      



  • DIY Stud Earring holder 



This DIY holder is one of the easiest and most amazing ways for organizing your earrings. You can simply use a shallow box or a tray for this. Attach a sponge to the box and make sure that the sponge is sturdy to hold the earrings. This arrangement is the best way to store stud earrings for women


  1.  Ribbon Earring Holder


This simple DIY holder is a lifesaver for you and your earrings. All you need is a piece of ribbon of any color you like. Sew one end of the ribbon onto a ring and hang it over a wall. You can also make one for each type such as one for long earrings, one for studs, etc. Hang these ribbons on your closet for easy accessibility and hang in your earrings on them. 



  • Cheese Grater Holder 



Who would have thought that a grater would be useful for arranging earrings? Take a flat grater and hang it on a wall. The mesh in the grater is extremely amazing when it comes to holding earrings.  A stand-up grater can also be used for your dresser. You can add a customized touch to this by adding laces or other things according to your preference. 



  • Cork Organiser



Take out those old wine corks from your kitchen drawer and make this simple DIY holder. Glue the corks on an old frame. You can also arrange these corks onto a string. The soft material of the cork makes it perfect to hang earrings. You can add additional hooks on the corks to hang necklaces and bracelets too.



  • Fridge Rack Earring Organizer  



Racks from your old defunct fridge make a quirky earring holder. An old rack from the oven can also do the trick. Hang these racks on the wall or inside the closet. Add your own with your favourite decorative materials and you’re good to go.



  • DIY Frame Earring Holder 



This is one of the most useful and attractive earring holders that can be made at home. All you need is an old wooden frame and a metal mesh. Attach the metal mesh across the frame. The small boxes of metal mesh create a perfect space for attaching your earrings. You can even add a picture or a background behind the frame to make it even more attractive. 



  • Trash Can/ Pen Cup Holder 



The metal mesh in the trash can or the pen cup is perfect to hold your earrings. The space inside the cup can also be used to store other jewellery. Use a trash can or a pen cup according to the space available. 


Now don’t hold back while purchasing new fashion accessories as with these DIY hacks, now organizing your stuff is no more a ‘task’ but just another fun activity.