People usually associate jewellery with extravagance but this must not always be the case. A simple, sophisticated yet stylish and sleek look can make for a great modern fashion statement that can help you stand out and above the crowd. Such a look can easily be created and ruled with minimal jewellery that is a perfect blend of simplicity, originality, versatility and grace. 


You can avail of a comprehensive collection of artificial jewellery sets online from where you can find your right “jewel match”. Wear it to your college or office, carry it to your friend’s or family’s gathering, it never goes wrong. The flexibility of minimalist jewellery is unparalleled. Here are a few pieces of minimal jewellery that your wardrobe must include:



  • Earrings



Earrings are the ultimate piece of jewellery essential. Available in a variety of types, shapes and patterns,  earrings can help you rule the minimal fashion game in the finest way. To create an ethnic look, you can simply adorn Kundan studs, dainty traditional danglers, pearl earrings and small jhumkas. For a more western look, you can complete your outfit with silver or gold polished hoops and stone studs.



  • Neck Pieces



Despite their fragility, minimal necklaces still help you add grace to your attire.The delicate masterpieces can be worn everywhere right from work to parties. Petite trendy necklaces and elegant chains embedded with precious stones and pendants can be worn solely or layered together to create a minimal fashion look both for ethnic and western outfits.



  • Bracelets



Bracelets are the most elegant way to add a classic touch to any outfit. Open-end designs and symbols added as charms or engraved on bracelets add to their simplistic elegance. Bracelets are available in various forms, simple charm bracelets, delicate bangles, solid bands in gold, silver and rose gold colours, geometric patterned bands, etc are some of the most popular ones. 



  • Rings



A gorgeous ring can amp up your minimalist fashion game. A variety of rings are available in the market, plain bands, diamond rings, stackable rings amongst the others are the most popular ones currently. Geometric shapes and small stones embedded on rings add to their grace. The subtle yet impactful jewellery can also be used to create a bohemian look along with traditional and western looks.


  • Anklets Or Pajebs



Although not appreciated enough, anklets and pajebs do have the ability to elevate your fashion game. Be it a beach look or an ethnic attire the right anklet or pajeb can help you add a touch of glamour effortlessly. For a chic look, you can add a simple silver, gold or any colour anklet and for a more ethnic vibe, you can use traditional pajebs adorned with stones and beads.


Minimal jewellery has been on the high lately, it has been ruling all hearts and the finesse it adds to the adorners entire appearance explains its immense popularity. It elevates one’s outlook without them looking ‘extra’. It is also easy to carry and be pulled of by everyone no matter her body type or skin tone.