Colour Contrasting is one of the new trends that has become a favourite for many, especially with ethnic jewellery. Matching your outfits with the same old gold jewellery is no longer the norm. Yes, you can breathe a sigh of relief, oh, the brides too! Today, we have a diverse range of jewellery available in a plethora of colours that suit your outfits just right. All it takes is to have the artistic lens to contrast your jewellery and nail your overall appearance. However, it can get a little daunting considering that not everyone might have a knack of it. 

Here are a few rules that’ll ease your plight and simplify Colour Contrasting of Jewellery to your outfits:

  1. Amplify your Neutral Outfit with Bright Jewellery

Neutral outfits are a current trend and everyone goes gaga over it for all the right reasons. The elegance and sophistication it offers are unmatched! If you plan to opt for a neutral outfit in colours like off-white, light grey or cream, you can add a dash of colour to it with beautiful bright jewellery that would be the perfect contrast for your outfit. Colours like blue, green, pink and turquoise are the best options to amplify your outfit instantly without overpowering it.


  1. Wear jewellery in colours of the same family

If you don’t wish to get all adventurous with the contrasting, you can select a colour for your jewellery that falls in the same family as the colour of your outfit. However, your jewellery ought to be darker than your ensemble to create the perfect contrast. This technique works best for attires in light shades like lilac, light blue, pink, peach and green as it helps the jewellery to stand out with ease against the light outfit. In order to avoid an overdose of colour, you can combine a long necklace set with a shorter one in a neutral shade that balances the combination.


  1. Opt for a completely different hue

Get all artistic with this technique by contrasting your outfit with completely different coloured jewellery to create the perfect colour blocking look. If adorned the right way, this is one of the best ways to make both your outfit and jewellery to stand out. Emerald necklaces or jewellery with intricate pieces of green beads, when worn with peach, red, lilac or maroon lehenga, delivers a look that leaves one spellbound. This technique is definitely something one should try to create an exciting contrast.


  1. Match your jewellery with the borders

There are several outfits that come with beautiful borders and variant colours that are just mesmerising. Capitalise on their beauty and give your outfit the glam it deserves by keeping the neutral jewellery at bay and going for jewellery that matches your borders. It adds a distinct element to your look and at the same time blends perfectly well with the outfit.

Play with colours and ensure the perfect contrast to add some fun to your outfit by opting for enchanting jewellery online.