Best friends! People whom you have known all your life. With whom you have shared your memories, joys, worries, sorrows and what not. On the joyous and the most important day of their life, it is a day important for you too. You’ll be the one standing by her side all time, right from selecting her wedding gown to putting up her jewellery, to taking care of all her needs!

And when doing so you’ll definitely end up posing with her in all the pictures too. So here are so ideas and tips that’ll help you to look flawless the entire time. If you apply these tips, you’ll surely not end up looking creepy in the pictures. Read on to know more about the looks.

#1 The Ideal Makeup

Every girl is naturally beautiful, but with the help of little bit of makeup you can really bring out the elegance of your beauty. But, just don’t overdo your make up as it’ll end up giving you a cakey face. The best piece of advice here is to seek help from a professional, as they would recommend the right makeup for you. Well, we would suggest keep it elegant!

#2 The Perfect Outfit

Choosing your outfit can be little difficult as you would want to it too look the best on you as well as to be comfortable. Getting these both in a single outfit would be a challenge but not impossible. Go for something that is minimalistic yet elegant. Monochromes go well in all the shaadi events and totally add to your grace and charm. A classic Anarkali or a Lehenga Choli perfectly blend with the shaadi season making all the heads turn.

#3 Choosing the ideal jewellery piece for the outfit

The countless designs of ethnic kundan jewellery in varying shapes and sizes are a beauty in themselves. Their grandiosity and visual appeal never fail to add a dash of spice and glamour to the outfit one chooses to adorn, thus helping every lady get that ultimate diva look. She can never go wrong with the captivating charm of kundans.

#4 Getting all the attention, in the right way

Because the jewellery itself demands justice, getting the attention of the crowd isn’t something that is difficult to lay one’s hands on. Every female adorning herself with the exclusive collection of artificial kundan jewellery from Romoch will flaunt her look with panache. These jewellery  pieces  make a statement and set the bar high in terms of exquisiteness.

#5 Looking enthralling at all the ‘Shaadi’ events

It’s an open secret that every lady wishes to set herself apart from the crowd, and the jewellery she wears plays a pivotal role in the accomplishment of this task. The colour, setting, stones, design, details of ethnic kundan jewellery when rightly combined with the lehenga, sari or choli are sure to spread the magic. Looking stunning never got so easier and inexpensive!

Ladies, are you ready to paint the town in your colours? It’s time to be the star of your “Best friend’s wedding" and the “perfect bridesmaid” and wear your attitude in style!