A versatile piece of exquisiteness, earrings are a ‘must have’ accessory that every woman possesses. And why wouldn’t they, it is the perfect accessory to amp up any look and style. While purchasing or adorning a beautiful piece of earrings, there are many things that people consider such as clothes, colour, size and even the face shape. However, the one thing that often people miss is the hair type. 


Yes, you heard it right, the hair type! Your hair colour, type, style and more are some interesting factors that can help you select the best pair of statement earrings. Furthermore, it can simplify your confusion considering the array of options available these days. You just need to know the basics!


Here are two major factors related to your hair that greatly determines the type of earrings you should opt for:



  • The length of your hair  



There are different types of earrings you can wear based on your hair length. However, there is often a misconception that people with long hair can adorn all types of earrings than people with a shorter hair length. This is completely false. In fact, short hair length compliments more earring types.


The short hairstyles usually extend to the neck or a little lower and do not cover a major part of your earlobes and neckline. This gives you the freedom to wear earrings of any size and shape. Earrings like diamond /gemstone studs or something even longer like grand kundan earrings or clusters of metallics strands complement short hairstyles exceptionally. 


Well, for all the Rapunzels out there, ball shaped earrings and studs aren’t your thing as your luscious locks would conceal the beauties unless you plan to tie them. You should opt for long elongated earrings that stand a chance to peek through the lengths of your hair.


  • The colour of your hair 



Just like every other accessory, different coloured earrings complement different shades of hair colour. While something like gold/platinum-coated metallic earrings or diamond earrings go with every hair colour, others do not. So, how do you decide which earring suits your hair color?


Let us have a look at the popular hair colours and the earrings that compliments them well:


  • Blonde- Those who have blonde hair should opt for earrings with bright colours like blue and red instead of dull colours like white.
  • Brunettes- Pastel white earrings or orange gemstones/ danglers are a good choice for you as these colours perfectly highlight your dark hair.
  • Redheads- Earrings with cool colours such as blue, green, turquoise, or purple would contrast your red-coloured hair really well by giving it an extremely well-coordinated colour partner. 

Considering the ongoing pandemic, it’s safe to shop online and there are a multitude of Fashion accessories available online in India of which earrings are the kingpin. From now on when you indulge in any earrings such as studs, hoops or jhumka earrings shopping online or offline, do not forget to consider your prized possession- your hair. Use the above-mentioned tips to carefully select the perfect earrings that not only compliments your hair but you too.