A piece of jewellery is not just an ornament but an emotion. No matter how long it has been with you, it will never lose its charm. However, sometimes a piece of jewellery requires a change. One of the best ways to breathe life into jewellery and give it a new look is to layer them up. Layering jewellery is the current fashion trend and the easiest piece that you can begin with is necklaces. Experimenting with trendy necklaces will give birth to some personalised and chic looks curated by you. However, this experimentation is not just limited to your western neckpieces. You can play with your ethnic necklaces and create some striking appearances too. 


Here are a few tips and trips to layer ethnic necklaces with sheer style and elegance:


  1. Consider the weight and length


When layering, it is essential to keep the length and weight of the necklaces in mind in order to create a balanced look. Traditional necklaces, especially the longer ones are prominent and heavy as compared to the others.

 For the necklaces to get noticed, ensure that the second one is heavier than the first necklace. In the case of a three-layered piece, the third layer should be heavier than the rest.

A very interesting trick to layer necklaces is to opt for odd numbers. Three necklaces are easy to style and pair. But, if you want to create a distinct look, you should opt for five pieces. 


  1. Begin with your favourite piece 


The best tip for people that are not familiar with layering is to start with their favorite piece of jewellery that they are familiar with as the base. For example, you can start with a traditional diamond or Kundan necklace as the base and then can further work it up by adding a long chain necklace or any other piece of your preference. Selecting your favorite necklace will make it easy for you to style it better.


  1. Layer your necklace as per your neckline


An important aspect to consider while layering is the neckline. Layering becomes even easier and looks phenomenal when you style your necklaces as per the neckline, but only if it’s adorned the right way. For example, an ethnic collared necklace works well with sweetheart necklines and chokers beautifully compliment off-shoulder styles.


  1. Avoid the necklaces to tangle


It’s essential to check the material of the necklaces and get the layering done earlier to have a better idea of how well they look all together. In order to avoid tangling, it is important to have enough space between the layered pieces. It is best to opt for a short necklace like a choker and then layer it up with a longer necklace that gives them an ample amount of space and avoids a messy look.


  1. Mix them Up


Opting for one particular style of jewellery for layering is the safest bet. But if you wish to experiment, then styling different necklaces should be your ultimate motto. For example, pieces like a choker or collar would blend perfectly well with a long Kundan necklace or even beaded necklaces that are available in a number of colors.

Buy ethnic jewellery online today and with the above-mentioned tricks master the art of layering beautiful and versatile pieces of jewellery with ease.