Ethnic Kundan Jewellery is the ideal blend of elegance, beauty and fashion. Perfect for every occasion, a Kundan set with its charm surpasses the conventional and ensures to deliver a mesmerising look. Having royal roots, Kundan jewellery enhances your appearance and adds royalty to it with ease. Over the years, the ever-changing trends have given birth to some exceptional Kundan jewellery. The exquisite designs, intricate work and unmatched beauty make Kundan one of the oldest and coveted pieces of Jewellery that are loved by generations.

However, the expansive collection available today can get intimidating and difficult to style.


Here are a few tips that will help you to style Kundan set the Right way:


  1. Select a  perfect Kundan Set


There are a plethora of Kundan sets that are prevalent in the market. Getting your hands on the perfect one is equivalent to hitting a jackpot. No Kundan sets are imperfect, but there are a few that just stand apart from the clutter. A perfect Kundan set is the one that does not take away the attention from you. The salient design and enchanting appearance of Kundan jewellery ought to grab people's attention. However, it should not overpower the adorner. You definitely wouldn’t want everyone’s eyes glued just to your jewellery, right?  If a Kundan set blankets the charm of your overall look, then it’s definitely not the perfect one.


  1. Mix and Match it to create a striking appearance


Opting for a standard look can be easily attained through Kundan sets. However, with the latest fashion trends, it’s time to take your Kundan jewellery game to the next level. Kundan sets, today, are available in a number of motif designs that can be easily paired with each other. Moreover, some of the designs also include precious and semi-precious stones that hold the power to instantly amplify your look. With these distinct pieces, you can match and mix your jewellery if you don’t wish to adorn a whole Kundan set. 


  1. Make sure to tone your Kundan Set with the theme


With a diverse range of options available, Kundan jewellery easily caters to every possible theme. From contemporary modern-day design to a traditional one, with its distinct and varied designs, a Kundan set can easily complement any theme. However, it’s extremely crucial to consider the theme, the attire to wear and pick a Kundan set accordingly. Kundan jewellery has a very strong appearance and should be styled considering the design. If not worn right, it can make your overall appearance look a little out of the place.


  1. Sync it with your outfit


A Kundan set is extremely versatile and can be worn with almost any outfits. The versatility is amped up by coloured stone Kundan jewellery. These are available in several colours like red, pink, blue and many more that can match all outfits with ease. Also, while wearing Kundan jewellery, the neckline is an important aspect to be considered. Like heavy Kundan earrings would work well with a boat neck that doesn’t usually require a necklace.


With the above-given tips, style a Kundan set the right way to turn some heads and deliver a striking appearance.