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fashion jewelry

  1. Tips to Ace the Art of Colour Blocking Jewelry

    Most ladies with a keen interest in fashion are acquainted with the term ‘colour blocking.’ For the uninitiated, colour blocking is a classic sartorial trend that traces its roots back to the modern and pop art movements of the 1950s and 60s. It involves the pairing of two or more different hues to create a variety of dynamic colour combinations in your outfits. Colour blocking is now no longer restricted to just clothing, as over the years it has become a popular method of styling jewelry pieces as well. You can shop for designer jewelry online and have fun practising this technique!


    It might seem a bit tricky to colour block jewelry as opposed to clothing, but fret not, as with the right tips you can easily accomplish this feat! 


    Following are

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  2. 7 ways to organize your jewellery

    Seeing your jewellery tangled before you walk out of the door is probably one of the most irritating things! It is clear that every girl struggle to try and detangle their jewellery, but this seems to be a never ending problem. But this problem could have been avoided in the first place if your jewellery was organized well. It's a high time that you prevent your jewellery from tangling and showcase your most beautiful accessories in a way that will encourage you to wear them.

    For those, who have a ton of costume jewellery misplaced due to disorganisation or do not have the time to detangle their jewellery, here are 7 DIY ideas with some easiest jewellery storage solutions:

    1. Jewellery Drawer organizer

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  3. Buying Fashion Jewellery online with Romoch

    Fashion jewellery online are one of the jewelry that enhances the beauty of our beloved woman which is being attached on our earlobes or on the external part of our ear. But today, going with the changes caused by the technologies’ innovation, buying fashion jewellery online is now made possible.



    As a matter of fact, one of the main benefits of online shopping is your capability to pick high quality of fashion jewellery online at the best possible price. It is better to buy fashion jewellery online so you can money can travel much more rather be stocked on the jewelry stores or shops. That only means that the money you intended to splurge on a store and the more the possibility you would get excellent quality of fashion jewellery online and eventually it will then cost less than the suggested price.

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