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kundan jewelry

  1. Welcome the New Year in Style With the Best Outfit Ideas

    Yet another year has gone by, and December has already dawned on us! It is time to turn over a new leaf with new hopes and dreams for a better future ahead. Ring in the new year in pomp and style by adorning the finest dresses and accessories that will make you look and feel like a star! For this happy occasion, you can easily buy the trendiest outfits, bags, shoes, and artificial jewellery sets online from the comfort of your home.


    Below are some amazing outfit ideas to help you welcome 2022 in style!



    • Dazzle bright with a sequined cocktail dress



    Nothing screams “Party!” like shiny sequined outfits that take the

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  2. 10 Tips to Accessorise Your Saree this Wedding Season

    An iconic symbol representing India’s rich heritage, saree is an ethereal piece of ethnic wear that is a staple in every lady’s wardrobe. Sarees are often the go-to dressing solution for weddings, but your look can never be complete without stylish accessories that can amp up the glam of your attire. You can conveniently shop for bags, shoes, and artificial jewellery sets online from the comfort of your home - so that you have endless options to style your beloved nine yards!


    Here are 10 amazing tips to accessorise your saree this wedding season:



    • Belts



    Wearing a belt around your saree lends a unique touch to you

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  3. Colourful Jewellery: A Trend Winning Everyone's Hearts

    The one thing that has managed to grab a prominent position in the ‘favourite list’ of women, regardless of their style is jewellery. A versatile accessory, jewellery has always been and continues to be the ‘must have’ item that keeps on evolving with every changing fashion. And the latest trend that has enchanted the hearts of many is the ‘colourful jewellery.’ Today, you can witness this trend incorporated even in the most traditional pieces like kundan jewellery. At first it can be intimidating, however, once you get the knack of styling then you can create your own custom spectacular looks that leaves everyone spell bound.

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  4. 4 Tips to Match Your Necklace and Earrings Smartly

    Whether you are decking up for parties, weddings, festivities, or casual outings, your outfit is never complete without the right accessories that jazz up your entire look. These days, there is a wide variety of designer jewelry online which can instantly add a touch of glamour to even the most basic ensemble. Necklaces and earrings are two jewelry items that have always gone hand-in-hand. They both are essential pieces of accessory that enhances the overall appearance subtly and elegantly, 


    Below are four tips to help you match your necklace and earrings in a smart way:


    • Combine Bold with Subtle


    One of the most iconic pieces of jewelry,

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  5. Jewellery and Bollywood: A Match Made in the Fashion Heaven

    Bollywood has been serving us with some major fashion inspiration for several decades now. Any unique kind of outfit, piece of jewellery, accessories, or shoes donned by actors and actresses in movies becomes an instant trend. However, the fancy apparels and accessories seen in films cannot always be affordable to the general public. In such a scenario, imitation jewellery comes to the rescue as it recreates original designs and offers them at pocket-friendly prices. Thanks to that, you can buy ethnic jewellery online and replicate the glamorous looks of your favourite Bollywood stars without burning a hole in your pocket!


    Below are some iconic jewellery pieces popularised by Bollywood through the years:



    • Alia Bhatt
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  6. This festive season, let’s nail the super-hot fusion look with imitation jewellery

    With Diwali and Dussera round the corner, it is that time of the year when we ladies want the best of everything, be it clothes, accessories, footwear, make-up or gifts! After all festivals are reasons to rejoice, to celebrate, to spread smiles and to have a blast!

    But isn’t the age old tradition of draping a sari or carrying a dupatta a bit over done? Wouldn’t you want to try something new, something funky that’ll make people go UHH LA LA over your look and personality? If the answer to this question is yes then raise a toast to yourself, for today we are going to help you nail the super-hot fusion look which is the latest trend of the season.

    Let us analyze the contents of your wardrobe. Is there a crop top with some lovely print on it (a short plain top would also work)? Do you find a mini skirt in there? If you have both these attires, then set the ball rolling for putting on the fusion lehenga look. Who said that lehenga

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  7. Choosing the right jewellery for your face shape

    Wearing jewellery is more than just accessorizing yourself. The colour, metal setting, material, stones and designs that you wear accentuate your personality and bring out the innate gorgeousness in you. And therefore picking up the right piece of jewellery becomes very essential in completing your lovely look.

    But how do you identify the ideal jewellery for you? Is it the intrinsic beauty of those classic studs or the beguiling spell of the latest hanging chandelier earrings? And how do you pull off that ideal chic look with the pieces that you wear? Ladies, we’re happy to step in for guidance.

    The most essential component in picking up accessories, other than the occasion and your attire, is the shape of your face. Just like differing personalities, everybody has a different face-cut. Something that looks appealing on your best-friend might not suit your body and skin tone.

    So you see, it is more than just love at first sight

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  8. Buying ethnic Kundan customized jewellery at Romoch

    We, ladies, have an innate love affair with jewellery. Irrespective of the innumerable trendy pieces flashing in the wardrobe, the hunger to adorn ourselves with the stunning pearls and stones seems to be insatiable. That’s the bond we share with jewellery and it is here to stay, forever.

    And when the talk is about the stylish kundans, there is hardly any piece out there that can beat the kundan’s charm and allure. The perfect ensemble for all events alike, ethnic kundan jewellery, with their powerful style appeal, has definitely struck a chord with the jewellery lovers.

    But let’s come to the very heart of this blog: Why should you buy ethnic kundan jewellery at Romoch?

    An online store that is adept at selling customized jewellery,

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  9. 5 must-have jewellery pieces that are never going out of style

    Fashion trends come and go but some are just evergreen. No matter what the era is, they tend to stick through the years. Even though the western culture has largely influenced our fashion trends, the change in trends have majorly been dominated by the western clothes. What have always been evergreen are Indian traditional styles. Ethnic fashion has always been in style and no trend change can make ethnic fashion old-fashioned. This is the case with both clothing and accessories, especially jewellery. Ethnic jewellery has been adorned by women since centuries now and has no plans to go out of trend. In fact, the ethnic jewellery has so much of a fan-base amongst young and old women that they have been styling ethnic jewellery with western outfits now. Let’s have a look at 5 must-have jewellery pieces that are never going out if style.

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  10. The Ultimate Look for My Best Friend’s Wedding

    Best friends! People whom you have known all your life. With whom you have shared your memories, joys, worries, sorrows and what not. On the joyous and the most important day of their life, it is a day important for you too. You’ll be the one standing by her side all time, right from selecting her wedding gown to putting up her jewellery, to taking care of all her needs!

    And when doing so you’ll definitely end up posing with her in all the pictures too. So here are so ideas and tips that’ll help you to look flawless the entire time. If you apply these tips, you’ll surely not end up looking creepy in the pictures. Read on to know more about the looks.

    #1 The Ideal Makeup

    Every girl is naturally beautiful, but with the help of little bit of makeup you can really bring out the elegance of your beauty. But, just don’t overdo your make up as it’ll end up giving you a cakey face. The best

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