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Jewellery Care

Basic Tips:

- Always protect your jewelry from extreme temperatures (sunlight, heat/cold), sharp blows, scratching and chemicals. Store your jewelry in a clean, dry place at all times.

- Wherever possible, keep jewelry pieces apart so that they don't rub together or tangle up. Also, prevent your jewelry from being caught on another object, such as clothing.

- Protect your jewelry from coming into contact with nail polish removers, perfume, hairspray and body lotion.

- Wear jewelry only for appropriate tasks. Avoid wearing rings while cleaning, gardening or performing sports activities. Never swim with your jewelry on, the chlorine in the pool can cause damage. Also, always remove all your jewelry before using any product that contains bleach!

- Try to avoid jewelry during kitchen work. Some gemstones absorb steam and sweat and may change colour. Gold, silver and other jewelry can get affected by body oils and sweat secretion. - Do not forcibly bend any part of your jewelry.

- Use jewelry with caution and avoid improper usage. Sharp jewelry items, such as brooches, etc. or even small items like rings, earrings may pose a threat to young children or when used improperly.

Cleaning Care for your Jewelry

Don't bathe with your Jewelry on: Remove all jewelry before showering or cleaning. Continuous exposure to soap can lead to the formation of film, making them appear dull and dingy. By protecting your jewelry from this film, you immediately reduce the occasions of servicing.

Storing Care for your Jewelry

Never place your jewelry randomly in a drawer or jewelry box with more jewelry. Different metals with different hardness may clash causing friction and scratches. You may store your jewelry in one of the following - Ziplock bags, Fabric-lined jewelry boxes, Curio Cabinets, Jeweler's tissue or a soft cloth bag.

Beware of:

- Moisture - Moisture is the worst enemy of costume jewelry. Not only can it destroy the foil backing of some precious stones, it can also damage the metals

- Temperature change - Any extreme change in temperature can affect stone settings and glue

- Cardboard boxes – Avoid paying a heavy price by carelessly storing your jewelry in cheap cardboard boxes. They are treated with sulphur which tarnishes gold and silver.