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  1. Jewellery Pieces that Bollywood Diva, Deepika Padukone Loves

    A piece of jewellery no matter how small is an extension of yourself. It is an artistic illustration of your personality that signifies your personal style. Even though there are a myriad of options available, there are certain pieces that are your ‘pearls’ from the ocean of jewellery. Just like us, there are Bollywood divas too that have their favourites, one of which is Deepika Padukone, an unmatched style icon that rules not just the screens but everyone’s hearts too. From dangle earrings to a long chain necklace and more, the leading lady has the best jewellery pieces in her vanity. Let’s get a closer look at Deepika Padukone’s cherished jewellery items.

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  2. 6 Chic Ways to Style Scarves with Necklaces

    Making a strong comeback from the 80s, scarves have become an indispensable accessory of the new-gen fashion. From formals to casuals, scarves can be styled in all ways. Scarves add an element of sophistication and class to your outfit. But these accessories becoming a fashion essential has somehow discouraged the optimum use of your jewellery box. 


    Here we are with a few suggestions on how to drape your scarf with various kinds of necklaces including chokers, long-chain necklaces and more:



    • Keep your scarf at the back of your neck:



    Wrap your scarf around your neck from behind and keep

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  3. The Most Appealing Gifts for an Aquarian

    Aquarians are said to be a perfect mixture of fun and genius. In fact, many of the top personalities all around the globe are Aquarians such as Sarojini Naidu, Shakira, Christiano Ronaldo and many more. Aquarians along with being of a strong mind have a good heart too, they are believed to be extremely caring and thoughtful. Don’t these lovely souls deserve great gifts too? 


    Here are a few ideas that you can use for finding the right gift for your aquarian friends and loved ones:





    Being admirers of art and intricacy, Aquarians would love to be gifted with jewellery as it combines both beauty and craftsmanship. L

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  4. 6 Jewellery Styles to Strengthen your Bridesmaid Game!

    There’s no doubt that a bride is the star of the wedding, she’s the one all eyes look at. But right next to her are her bridesmaids who add to the wedding glam too. However, if you’ve ever been a bridesmaid or planning to become one, you know the struggles of selecting jewellery that matches your outfit and makes you look like a million bucks. Choosing the right jewellery that compliments you and your outfit the right way is something that helps win almost half the bridesmaid game. You can also buy ethnic jewellery online, here are a few suggestions for the jewellery pieces you can opt for: 



    • Long Earrings



    A pair of dazzling

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  5. ‘Jewel Into’ the Valentine’s Season With the Right Gifts

    Keep steering clear from cheesy, cliche and predictable gifts by sparkling your love with the right piece of jewelry on your loved one this valentine’s day. Jewelry is every woman’s first love and it helps in making a great gesture that would portray your affection for her. From heart motifs to precious stones, you have ample choices to “jewel up” your mood this valentine’s day. You can easily find these pieces of designer jewelry online that might convey your “I Love You” to your loved ones on your behalf. 





    Charm bracelets make for a great valentine’s gift. This is because they can be customised to match the taste of yo

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  6. Say More With Less'- Minimal Jewellery Trends You Must Know

    People usually associate jewellery with extravagance but this must not always be the case. A simple, sophisticated yet stylish and sleek look can make for a great modern fashion statement that can help you stand out and above the crowd. Such a look can easily be created and ruled with minimal jewellery that is a perfect blend of simplicity, originality, versatility and grace. 


    You can avail of a comprehensive collection of artificial jewellery sets online from where you can find your right “jewel match”. Wear it to your college or office, carry it to your friend’s or family’s gathering, it never goes wrong. The flexibility of minimalist jewellery is unparalleled. Here are a few pieces of minimal jewellery that your wardrobe must include:


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  7. 5 Chic Ways to Dress This Republic Day

    We have all welcomed 2022 with fervour, and when it feels like we have just settled into the month of January, Republic Day is almost here! On this national holiday, there is a general feeling of pomp all over the country - with people decked up in fine clothing and accessories like ethnic jewellery, singing patriotic songs, bonding together over scrumptious food, etc.


    Similar to every special event, the Republic Day also calls for us to be dressed fashionably, but in a way that suits the theme of the occasion. So, here are 5 chic ways for ladies to dress this 26th January:



    • Pair a white salwar suit with a tricolour dupatta



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  8. 4 Best Ethnic Hair Accessories to Slay Your Traditional Look

    While styling themselves for grand occasions like weddings and festivities, women pay keen attention to every aspect of their look from their outfits to what jewellery, accessories, shoes they’ll be wearing, etc. But one thing that many of them tend to overlook is hair accessories! Hair accessories are currently among the hottest trends in fashion accessories online in India. A stunning piece of head jewellery or accessory can lend you a distinct appearance that will make you the star of the event, wherever you go!


    Here are the 4 best ethnic hair accessories to slay your traditional look effortlessly:



    • Kundan matha patti



    Kundan jewellery is one o

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  9. The Perfect Gifts A Capricorn Woman Will Love

    Our fascination with zodiac signs and horoscopes is an endless affair, because who doesn’t like to know what the future has in store for them? Your zodiac sign can tell a lot about your personality as well as about your relationships, health, financial status, future, etc. Nowadays, you can buy everything from perfumes and watches to artificial jewellery sets online, yet when it comes to gifting, it always gets a little confusing to finalise what kind of present to buy for a particular person. In such a scenario, zodiac signs can instantly come to your rescue! People who share the same zodiac sign tend to have many similar traits, and knowing more about their sign can help you understand their likes and dislikes better.


    Well, the Capricorn season is currently upon us! H

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  10. 7 Types of Western Earrings to Help You Set the Party Ablaze

    This is the season for all kinds of celebrations - be it festivities, weddings, or parties, which gives us the perfect excuse to dress up in all our finery and revel! Every woman desires to look her best for any party, and apart from fashionable clothing, accessories like jewelry matter a lot when it comes to raising your overall style quotient for the occasion. A pair of stunning western earrings can elevate your party look from ordinary to extraordinary with no effort! Nowadays, you can easily shop for exquisite designer jewelry online at affordable prices that appeal to your budget.


    Here are 7 types of western earrings that’ll help you set every party ablaze!



    • Statement earrings



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