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  1. 5 Necklace Designs to Check out This Wedding Season

    Every bride dreams of a fairytale wedding. Be it her lehenga or her jewellery, on her D-Day she just wants every minute detail to be addressed. After all, it’s a once in a lifetime event and a memory to cherish forever.

    When it comes to jewellery selection for the wedding season, every bride wants to opt for a jewellery piece that is a perfect balance between elegance and sophistication. So, if you too are someone with no idea about what to get for your wedding trousseau, here we have listed down some of the most exemplary necklace pieces for the bride-to-be to adorn on her wedding day.

    Diamond Necklace

    Modern yet elegant, a remarkable d

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  2. Must have jewellery pieces for the perfect Diwali look

    Diwali, the festival of lights, is officially the time of the year to sizzle and shine. Moreover, it is the time of the year to wear new attires, makeup and adorn beautiful pieces of jewellery. Besides, on Diwali, people worship Goddess Lakshmi, who is considered to be the Goddess of wealth. And thus, the trend of adorning beautiful jewellery!

    With multiple jewellery designs and styles, it can be exasperating to find the best. Plus, if unaware of the latest trends you could feel out of place. If unsure of what will suit you or match your Diwali attire, check out these 5 versatile pieces of jewellery to get the perfect Diwali look.

    1. Gold jewellery

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  3. The royal affair : Kundan jewellery pieces to adorn like the Mughals

    Heavy Indian jewellery is what has been completing the term ‘Royalty’ since ages in our country. So much so that it wouldn’t be wrong to say that Indian jewellery defines royalty to some extent. The Maharanis and even the Maharajas have never failed at flaunting their studded masterpieces and for the right reasons. But amongst all the bling of the gold and the sparkling of the diamonds, let’s talk about the most traditional form of gemstone and glass jewellery -Kundan! India’s obsession with kundan jewellery began 5000 years ago and you can imagine why the obsession is still on board. The ethnic kundan jewellery flourished in the royal courts of Rajasthan and Gujarat but Mughals gave it a new impetus. Kundan jewellery has transform

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  4. Romoch Online Fashion Jewelry

    Are you looking for pieces like earrings for girls, or any jewelry that will help you accentuate your look for the day? Is it for formal event, for summer trip or just casual fashion jewelry to spice up your overall look? No need to worry, we have a solution for you, Romoch online fashion jewelry shop can offer you wide choices of jewelries from earring, to bracelets and necklaces.

    Finding fashion jewelry online has never been this so relaxing and convenient, in just the safety of our home we can browse for different kinds and designs of classic statement pieces. Whether what you’re looking for is just earrings for girls, or single pair of accessories, or by set you are bound to find one in their online shop.

    Our shop provides all kinds of earrings, stud, drop earrings and loop earrings. Aside from these we also have jewelry sets consists of earrings and necklaces, or bracelet and earrings or a combination of both. Each kind of earrings especially stud earrings comes in almost every color so that you can pick a pair to match your outfit.

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