Making a strong comeback from the 80s, scarves have become an indispensable accessory of the new-gen fashion. From formals to casuals, scarves can be styled in all ways. Scarves add an element of sophistication and class to your outfit. But these accessories becoming a fashion essential has somehow discouraged the optimum use of your jewellery box. 


Here we are with a few suggestions on how to drape your scarf with various kinds of necklaces including chokers, long-chain necklaces and more:



  • Keep your scarf at the back of your neck:



Wrap your scarf around your neck from behind and keep the ends hanging loose in the front. The ends of the scarf fall such that the front part of the neck remains open. Add a necklace that goes with your outfit. You can use all kinds of necklaces with this drape- long-chain, pendants, chokers, etc.



  • A statement necklace and shawl drape



Wrap your scarf around your arms and shoulders, keeping a part of your neck visible. Add a neckpiece that is close to your neck, something like a choker would be great. This drape also helps in flaunting the textures and design of the scarf. If you are planning for this look on ethnic attire, a kundan necklace could be the right choice. 


  • Shoulder drape with a dainty pendant necklace



Wrap your scarf around your neck and keep both of its ends hanging front and back on the same side of your body. Since the scarf drape would cover most of your neck, a dainty pendant with a little longer chain would work. This style would help you give a very chic yet elegant touch to your entire outfit. 


  • Full neck drape paired with a collar necklace



Inspired by old school Hollywood, this style looks modish yet very classy. Drape your scarf around your neck covering it completely. To achieve this look, hold your scarf in a triangular way and tie both of its ends at the back. Layer it with a collar necklace that would be noticeable above the scarf, a necklace of the contrasting shade would look good. 



  • Side bow knot with a layered necklace



Ditch the ordinary and break the monotony with this style. This style is perfect for women that wish to make a style statement. Wrap your scarf forming a bow at the side of your neck and pair it with a layered necklace. This look adds an extra touch of glam and style to your outlook distinguishing you from the crowd. 


  • Easy back drape with long chain necklace



Wrap your scarf covering the front part of your neck such that its ends hang loose at the back. Add a long chain necklace to complete the look. This pair can add a  unique styling element to your outlook, give your simple outfit a modern, fashionable upgrade and help you slay the glam game in the finest way. 


A plethora of necklaces and jewellery sets are available online that go well with both western and traditional outfits. Putting them together with your favourite attires you can create the look of your dreams and be the glam queen that steals the show.