Seeing your jewellery tangled before you walk out of the door is probably one of the most irritating things! It is clear that every girl struggle to try and detangle their jewellery, but this seems to be a never ending problem. But this problem could have been avoided in the first place if your jewellery was organized well. It's a high time that you prevent your jewellery from tangling and showcase your most beautiful accessories in a way that will encourage you to wear them.

For those, who have a ton of costume jewellery misplaced due to disorganisation or do not have the time to detangle their jewellery, here are 7 DIY ideas with some easiest jewellery storage solutions:

1. Jewellery Drawer organizer

A girl’s jewellery box or a drawer is always messy as it contains many things from jhumka earings to kundan earrings, bracelets to rings, etc. in a single box or a drawer. First thing you can do is get rid of the jewellery that are broken or earrings that have a missing pair. This will make your collection a smaller and you’d only have to look into the things that you’d wear. Use different sections of your drawer to keep your jewellery organised. Place earrings with earrings, bracelets with bracelets, and so on.

2. Pocket it

You can easily find ready-made hanging jewellery organizers that are equipped with individual pockets. These are ideal to keep your costume jewellery. These hanging organizers are not meant for holding delicate or valuable jewellery pieces; they're best suited for storing artificial jewellery like bracelets for women, sturdily strung necklaces, fashion rings, etc.

3. Compartmentalize

A painter's palette work great to store daily wear jewellery in it.Decorate the tray with a footed dish, a smaller bowl, and a cup to various pieces of jewellery that you opt to wear on regular basis. One can use paint crannies as caches for rings, statement earrings,dangle earring, and extra earring backs.

4. The towel rod

Think outside the box and install a towel rod, not by the sink, but by your dressing table or the mirror and fill it shower curtain hooks to hang your long chain necklaces and other delicate necklaces. Isn’t this a great DIY idea?

5. Pin It!

You can make your very own necklace organizer with a cork board covered in linen fabric and decorate it with nails. Use thumbtacks to hang on your necklaces and other jewellery pieces that you might opt to wear on a daily basis.

6. Do it yourself in 3 steps.

Here’s your very own DIY jewellery organiser that you can make all by yourself to get the best out of the waste.

Step 1

Gather a wooden frame (without the backing and the glass), piano wire, small eyelet hooks (two for each wire), pliers, and a ruler.

Step 2

Mark where ever you want each wire to hang. Screw in the eyelet hooks. Using the pliers, pull the wire taut and twist it around the hooks.

Step 3

Hang your earrings from the wires. Either mount the display on a wall or place it on a dresser.

7. Driftwood jewellery display

This very next jewellery organizing idea is the one to appeal people who have a taste for variety in decor. In fact, the driftwood organiser is a great addition to your home decor. Add hooks to pieces of driftwood and hang your jewellery to get a easy view of the pieces that match your outfit.

With these DIY options you can easily pick out the jewellery pieces without having to go through any tangled mess.