Wearing jewellery is more than just accessorizing yourself. The colour, metal setting, material, stones and designs that you wear accentuate your personality and bring out the innate gorgeousness in you. And therefore picking up the right piece of jewellery becomes very essential in completing your lovely look.

But how do you identify the ideal jewellery for you? Is it the intrinsic beauty of those classic studs or the beguiling spell of the latest hanging chandelier earrings? And how do you pull off that ideal chic look with the pieces that you wear? Ladies, we’re happy to step in for guidance.

The most essential component in picking up accessories, other than the occasion and your attire, is the shape of your face. Just like differing personalities, everybody has a different face-cut. Something that looks appealing on your best-friend might not suit your body and skin tone.

So you see, it is more than just love at first sight while buying those studs or chandelier earrings. Here’s a brief guide to help you choose the ideal jewellery for you based on the shape of your face.

We have dissected the topic into individual chunks so that you clearly understand which category you fall in and can refer to.

How do you determine the shape of your face?

#1 Pull your hair back and stand in front of the mirror.

#2 Click a clear photo that seamlessly exhibits your facial features and get it printed.

#3 Trace the boundary of your face including the jaw line using a sharp pointed pencil.

#4 Refer to the information below and determine which category you belong to.

The oval-shaped face

An oval-shaped face is longer in length than it is wide. People with an oval face have a wide forehead which curves beautifully around the chin. And since the features are sharp and attractive, ladies falling in this category can sway all styles, metals and stones gracefully and look stunning. The focus over here is to highlight the soft, sleek features and relax the harsh, hard ones.

Short or medium length earrings look ideal on you since they help you show off the deep angular designs of your face. You can effortlessly flaunt those trendy necklaces since almost any material and length will look great on your body. Do not be afraid of experimenting with styles and designs as you innately have the ability to pull off all looks.

The round-shaped face

Since this face-cut very closely resembles the oval shaped face, differences between the two are very subtle and can be pointed out only when examined intimately. In contrast to the oval face-cut, a round shaped face is equally wide as it is long. Therefore the overall size of the face appears smaller and rounder than the oval face-cut.

Hence, the primary goal in accessorizing this face shape is to elongate the face shape and bring out the striking facial details. Artificial kundan earrings make a great choice for decorating the cute round face.

While choosing necklaces, go for a long chain necklace that beautifully matches your chest-bone and also elevates the round face-cut, making it appear longer and proportioned in shape.

The square-shaped face

This face is characterized by similar width from the top to the bottom. The forehead, cheeks and jaw line are as wide as each other and hence, the focus over here is to stabilize the angular jaw line and make it look delicate and appear gentler, suppler. Large metallic hoop earrings, bold chandeliers and drops are the right pick to shift the focus away from the angular jaw and to camouflage its width. While selecting necklaces, go for bold pendants that mute the broadness of the chin. Elegant pearl necklaces also make a lovely choice since it diverts the attention away from your face and towards the jewellery.

The rectangle-shaped face

Also known as the oblong-shaped face, even though it looks quite similar to the square face-cut, the differences are visible. Unlike a square-shaped face which is equal in width and height, a rectangle face-cut, while being equal in width and height from the temple to the chin, is longer than the square-shaped face. And hence, focus here should be to conceal the length of the face.

Please avoid wearing short, tiny studs as they make the face appear larger than it already is! Instead, go for heavy, loud designs and sport long, statement chandeliers. While sporting a necklace, it is recommended to go for trendy choker necklaces and short length chains with designer pendants that create an illusion of a soft, short face-cut.

The heart-shaped face

Also called the inverted triangle face-cut, people having a wide forehead and narrowing jaw line make this category. And therefore, the focus is to reverse the natural appearance – to widen the jaw line and narrow the forehead. Try to pair up your attire with wide designer earrings and classic dangling pearl earrings since this creates the impression of a fuller jaw line, thus navigating the focus from the wide forehead. Hanging hoops and triangular designs serve the purpose equally well. For necklaces, go for small chokers and bold stones that channel the focus near your chin and balance the look.

The pear-shaped face

Also called the triangular face, it is just the opposite of the heart face-cut and people falling under this class have a narrow forehead and a wide, broad chin. To balance the feel, go for accessories that give you the impression of a fuller forehead and a cleaner chin.

Wear gemstone earrings that are narrower at the bottom and wider at the top. Tiny studs that feature a bold drop design are also a great alternative. For those of you who love ear cuffs, feel blessed since they look dazzling on a pear-shaped face. Invest in layered necklaces and statement pendants since they make the face appear longer and counter the broadness and angularity of the jaw line.

The diamond-shaped face

A dramatic face-cut, the diamond-shaped face is the widest at the cheekbones and gently narrows at the forehead and the chin. One of the rarest face-cuts that people carry, the agenda while accessorizing this face-cut is to accentuate and highlight the cheekbones.

Steer clear of long, overly-dangling designs since they do not work well. Opt for styles that add width to the pointed jaw, like dangling earrings with teardrops or small, bold hoops. Style your neck with chokers, understated pearls or delicate pendants that downplay the proportion and angles of the diamond face.

The market is surely flooded with gorgeous jewellery pieces that you and I want to stack up our wardrobe with. But as you have seen, it is not just about adding pieces to the jewellery box, but playing it smart by purchasing the ideal fashion jewellery online. Sport the best of your beauty and carry it with elegance by picking up what suits you the best. Happy shopping to you!