Most ladies with a keen interest in fashion are acquainted with the term ‘colour blocking.’ For the uninitiated, colour blocking is a classic sartorial trend that traces its roots back to the modern and pop art movements of the 1950s and 60s. It involves the pairing of two or more different hues to create a variety of dynamic colour combinations in your outfits. Colour blocking is now no longer restricted to just clothing, as over the years it has become a popular method of styling jewelry pieces as well. You can shop for designer jewelry online and have fun practising this technique!


It might seem a bit tricky to colour block jewelry as opposed to clothing, but fret not, as with the right tips you can easily accomplish this feat! 


Following are some tips that’ll help you ace the art of colour blocking jewelry:



  • Play with two complementary colours



We are all aware of what the colour wheel is, and one way of achieving colour blocking is by bringing two colours located at the opposite ends of the wheel together in your jewelry. Here are some examples to help you understand this concept better:


  • If you are attending a Christmas party, you can adorn a pair of statement emerald green earrings and a simple long chain necklace with a ruby red pendant to create a beautiful visual contrast that is also apt for the occasion. 
  • Another fine example of colour blocking is wearing dual toned earrings or neck-pieces featuring complementary hues like amethyst purple and citrine yellow, which will make you stand apart from the crowd this wedding season! 
  • If you wish to play it safe, then black and white is a classic colour combination that can never go wrong! Dual toned fashion jewelry in black and white has always carried a timeless appeal that all women love.



  • Try an analogous colour combination



While the pairing of contrasting colours in jewelry is a bold choice that can seem overwhelming to some women, there is another colour blocking technique that will be perfect for them! Instead of pairing complementary hues, this method involves pairing two or more analogous colours that lie right next to each other on the colour wheel. These usually include different variations of the same colour that allow you to create a stunning and harmonious look with your jewelry. Have a look at a few examples:


  • You can adorn a statement necklace featuring varied light and dark shades of blue like sapphire, aquamarine, tanzanite, etc. for an excellent colour blocking effect. 
  • Jewelry pieces like chandelier earrings in dual tones like red and orange will also look absolutely striking.
  • Another great analogous colour combination is that of pink and purple. Any jewelry piece that brings together these two hues will make you look absolutely exquisite!


So, these are the two main ways of achieving colour blocking, and you can go for either of them based on your personal preferences. You can buy high quality artificial jewelry online at affordable prices to practise colour blocking without burning a hole in your pocket.