The way we style ourselves reflects our personality. Our styling methods are a part of our identity and portray our individuality. It is the way we express ourselves and it is the way we can make our presence remarkable and noteworthy. 


Jewellery is one of the most important elements in helping us set our styling standards. They are patronized by women of all ages and all walks of life. From work to weddings and from parties to day outs, jewellery can help you add a touch of elegance to your look everywhere you go. Pairing up the right kind of jewellery with your outfit gives you a glow-up effortlessly!


There’s a certain way to style your jewellery in accordance with the place and occasion we’re attending. It is important that you know all things that complement each other. Therefore, there’s a particular discipline you must follow while pairing your outfits and jewellery. Let’s have a look at the basic guide to style your jewellery:


According to the occasion and place:


Every occasion and place have a dress code to be followed and therefore your jewellery must complement the dress code to give you a perfect look. Here’s how you can carry your style at different junctures:



  • Office


Offices mostly have a formal dress code. This means you must want to carry the most basic, decent and modest pieces of jewels along with them. Small pendants, basic stone studs and simple rings might do justice to your work outfit. 



  • Formal events


           These classy and glamorous events call for the most exquisite and sophisticated pieces                                                                            of jewellery in your wardrobe. From statement earrings to stacked necklaces and distinctive hand accessories, everything can be the right choice at such events. 



  • Parties


Parties mostly mean chilling out with your peers. You can showcase your style depending upon your company and your confidence. But it is recommended to not be too flashy so as to create a good impression among your peers and also be relaxed.



  • Everyday lifestyle


Simple yet elegant pieces of jewels are best for everyday use. Small diamond or any other stone earrings, tiny pendants and subtle rings are the best for everyday use. You can also use mini hoops and chains in your everyday outfit. 


According to the color of your outfit 


Gone are the days when gold and silver were the only options available, there are a variety of color options available now. You can pair your clothes with similar colour ornaments or go for contrast combinations but make sure that they do not end up looking a bad mix.


According to your outfit’s neckline


Paring the right kind of necklace with your neckline can help you draw attention and lighten up your entire outfit. If you feel skeptical, want to play safe and not experiment with your outfit you just need to know the basics. Long chain necklace and chokers go best with deep necks and boat necks. Pendants add a charm to collared necklines and chains are a go-to for everything. 


Fashion is a highly subjective matter; it completely depends on one's own choice and liking. Various sellers sell fashion jewellery online In india and you must choose for yourself the pieces that bring out your spark, make you feel confident and let you be yourself!