An outstanding personality is what makes you shine like a diamond among a heap of stones. Without even your knowledge, the way you dress, speak, walk, tie your hair and accessorize yourself reveals deep layers of your personality.

As the saying goes, a first impression is the last impression. And to get this first impression right, you should first know what your personality is and accordingly choose your jewelry because the colours, stones and metal you wear depict a lot about who you are also your views about life.

Let’s take a look at some interesting personalities with the kind of jewellery they wear…

The honey-bunny-sunny chic

You are extremely fulfilled in life and staying happy, both from within and from outside, is your guiding principle. To showcase your bright personality, you opt for cheerful colours, bold rings, statement necklaces and filigree dangle earrings.

The extravagantly elegant soul

Classiness is what you believe in and wherever you go, you stand out like a dove. Because sophistication comes naturally to you, your tastes are more refined and elegant like timeless pearls, splendid platinum, unbeatable diamond, etc.

The hippie type trendsetter

You like to challenge the existing fashion norms and create your own style trends. The concept of ‘latest fashion’ doesn’t appeal much to you, and so does the kind of jewellery worn by celebrities. To stay offbeat, you prefer vintage rings and antique necklaces.

The detail-oriented damsel

Whatever you do should be completely organized and fall in line with your trail of thoughts. You pay utmost attention to the tiniest of details and therefore the jewellery you wear is matching in all aspects: proportion, size, design, colour, metal, stone, etc.

The ideal nature enthusiast

All your actions are a reflection of your love for the world around you. Love and empathy for all living things is what keeps you moving in life. To exhibit your down-to-earth personality, you choose jewellery with subtle shades like turquoise pendant, beige charm bracelet, etc.

The larger-than-life lady

Price tags are a mere figure and you will never settle for anything else but the best, the best of clothes, footwear, lifestyle, and also jewellery. Your fashion appeal is eccentric and to showcase the same, you go for diamonds, kundan jewellery, costly gems and stones, designer watches, kundan earrings etc.


The dreamy, family-oriented figure

You prefer to maintain quality relations over quantity and hence, people whom you know are the closest to your heart. Your family always tops the priority list and hence, you prefer jewellery that can be handed down from generation to generation like wedding rings, traditional necklaces and Antique jewellery.

The witty art admirer

Your tastes are unique and things that might repel others attract you. You have a keen interest in all forms of art and an insatiable hunger to acquire knowledge on varying topics. The silver fashion earrings online and the feather danglers undeniably compliment your attitude.

Whatever your style, choose jewellery that completes your personality because you might not get a second chance to mark an impression. Are you girls ready to spread your charm? Then, Choose from a variety of Artificial Jewelry online at Romoch now and let your jewellery do the talking!